An uncompromized affair for us.
We deliver what we agree upon

Hand-picked for you

  • Inspection of Material Appearance — Colour, spots, texture, lines, grain structure, uniform crystals, etc.
  • Inspection of Other Defects – Scratches, cracks, fissures, broken edges, pinholes, chip edges,  repairs, swirl marks, etc.
  • Inspection of Surface Finishing — Polished, honed, antique, bush-hammered, flamed, tumbled, lepatora, natural cleft, bevel edge, etc.
  • Other Processes of Production – Degree of polish, flatness, epoxy and shiner treatment, angle of straight edges.

Guaranteed Best Quality

  • Every product goes through a 4-eye check process.
  • Highly automated units that tend to eliminate human errors.
  • Precision cutting by the latest automated tools.
  • Automated line head polisher for a even shine and finish.
  • Even surface finish for textured products.

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