Things Careful Home Buyers Always Pay

Things Careful Home Buyers Always Pay – Selling your home can be a tricky process, a balancing act of selling for a fair price and getting your house off the market quickly. One of the best ways to achieve this balance is to put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyers. With that in mind, check out these 8 things that careful home buyers pay attention to while house hunting.

Things Careful Home Buyers Always Pay


Energy Star Ratings

A good Energy Star rating is the common denominator for an energy-efficient home. This rating is not only applicable to appliances, but also windows, and even houses as a whole. For the careful homebuyer, this is a sign that their electricity bills will be lower, and that they will be living in a house that’s more environmentally friendly.

Sufficient Outdoor Space

Homes with gardens have always been attractive to buyers, but in light of the pandemic, outdoor space has become a key feature. No longer just a nice-to-have commodity, it might just give you the extra edge to close on a sale. Even if you don’t have a particularly spacious backyard, you can make it seem so by rearranging the furniture, getting rid of junk, trimming the hedges and branches, and making it more inviting with flowers and garden lights.

Ample Storage Options

Just like outdoor access, storage features have become a much-needed commodity in the pandemic-shaped real estate market. Homebuyers are drawn to spacious homes, and the easiest way to ensure that is by storing as much as possible out of sight. Whether it’s a basement, attic, garage, or even just cabinets and drawers, make sure to keep them tidy and organized when showing buyers around.

New Appliances

These are attractive to homebuyers not just because they’re in good shape, but also because many new appliances have higher Energy Star ratings. But even without the energy efficiency, old appliances just aren’t appealing. Washing machines and fridges tend to develop unpleasant smells after years of use, microwave ovens can have grease and burn marks, or the appliance itself could be too loud. For the careful homebuyer, that’s a telltale sign of an extra expense going towards the cost of buying a home.

Flaws in Disguise

Savvy homebuyers are always on the lookout for ways in which the seller might be concealing flaws in the property. For example, if each room has an odorizer on display, that could be a sign that the house has a problem with smells. Loud music playing during the showing could mean that the neighborhood is noisy, and the seller is trying to cover that. A fresh coat of paint could indicate a recent renovation, but it could also be used to hide recurring water damage to the walls. If a home looks just a bit too staged, experienced buyers can take it as a cue to start asking probing questions about the real condition of the property.

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